Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sorry for my disapperence!

I have been a very very bad blogger. I am sorry that I have not posted in months. I have been very busy being pregnant but now Orion is out of the womb!

He is amazing and breastfeeding is going very well! It is astonishing seeing my body make milk to feed this little life. I have milked goats and now have had a more personal experience. His delivery was not ideal (induced only to have a c-section) but he arrived healthy but a bit angry. He immediately peed on a nurse.

He is not letting me sleep much at night and being awake for 20 hours a day will, hopefully, provide me with more time to work on this here blog. Because I do want to blog and think it will be nice to take a break from baby and indulge in some cheesy dialog.

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