Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wheat Hates Me

Wheat, oh how I love the things you can do with flour. Bread is such a staple of life. Crusty baguette with cheese, croissant, bagel, muffin, cookie, and even sweeter, cake, pie, tarts, brownies, then there is breakfast, toast with butter and jam, waffles, pancakes, strata, and breakfast for dinner was always a special night. And how about dinner, pasta, pizza, anything breaded, and for lunch there is no sandwich without two slices of bread and there are so many sandwiches and very few substitutes for them. How I have been craving a sandwich. Crisp golden crust that crumbles to flake when you bite it and the center is so soft and chewy.

I used to live a block away from two of the best bakeries in South Philadelphia, a French boulangerie that did a wonderful baguette and a version with chocolate, as well as cheesy bread and croissants and the other was a wood fired Italian bakery. We could stand in our tiny bricked backyard or even just standing in the kitchen and smell burning wood and baking bread. But bringing any of these things into the house was just asking for it. Hot fresh bread, how could I stop myself from consuming all of it? It would be eaten way quicker than a loaf of sandwich bread would ever go.

When I was backpacking through Europe for four and a half months I lost a fair amount of weight. My mother was so shocked when she laid eyes on me upon my arrival home. Eventually I gained it all back by eating bagels. I find bread and carbs to be so comforting and delicious. I was never into the Atkins low-carb crazy. Honestly, I am a wheat junkie. I shouldn’t touch the stuff but it’s all I ever want and if I get some I only want more. And there is no substitute for flour. I have tried many imitators but I want the real thing. How can it be so bad for me?

Well how bad is it? I have arthritis everywhere and wheat is inflammatory so it causes my already painful joints to feel even worse. There is a magazine for Celiac disease called Living Without. How sad is that? So please do not tempt, offer, or give me wheat. There will be a few occasions between now and 1/2/10 when I will indulge but after that so much will be a no.

At least I do not need crackers when it comes to cheese but it does make eating some soft cheeses easier. And yes that includes beer. But I shouldn’t be drinking alcohol anyway which is also on the chopping block. My last meal would be fresh hot bread basket with butter and jelly and can I also have a sandwich with cheese or a grilled cheese or a Panini. Oh to dream…

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