Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Garrotxa is a goat’s milk cheese from Spain which is made in the northern region of Catalonia in Girona. This region is unpolluted, mountainous, and rainy. The high rainfall provides rich lush grasses for grazing goats which makes for excellent milk.

Many believe Garrotxa is a new cheese but it is actually a lost cheese. After the Spanish Civil War and World War II, Spain was struggling with poverty. The Spanish government implemented a policy that basically outlawed small scale farming and production. Limits were placed on milk production forcing dairies to produce large quantities or cease production. This forced many small scale cheese producers underground and some cheese disappeared completely. In the 1990’s, the traditional recipe for Garrotxa was found and Garrotxa was resurrected.

Garrotxa is made using traditional methods with a modern twist. This cheese is aged for 4 months during which time it develops its natural rind which has a velvety texture and blue grey color. These small wheels of cheese are compact and semi-soft. The paste is snow white, smooth, creamy, and slightly flaky. The taste has notes of hazelnuts, lemon, and herbs. This cheese melts on the tongue and has a smooth finish. This cheese pairs well with sparkling wines, Albarino, Tempranillo, Grenache, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay.


  1. Oh my word! What a fabulous blog of cheese information you have! Absolutely amazing! I've always had the desire to learn more about different kinds of cheese and their history. It just seems I never have the time. I must bookmark your blog and come back and visit when I have just a bit more time. I'm in the process of researching Thor Bjorklund for a Tasteful Invention post I'm doing for National Inventors' Day which just happens to be today. I better get moving...

  2. Thank you louise! It is great to know that someone is reading my blog and enjoys the information. Good luck with your Tasteful Invention Post! I do love Thor's cheese plane!

  3. I discovored this cheese by chance when I asked for a sample of cheeses to write an article on wine and cheese Artisanal Cheese. I'm a wine and food writer. I was never a fan of goat cheese, but this cheese is wonderful!


    Lorrie S. LeBeaux Little Rock wine Examiner