Friday, August 7, 2009

Cheese Making Wednesday

Wednesday started out with three gallons of milk, two cow and one goat. I decided to make a Pyrenees style cheese with the two gallons of cow milk. I had made this cheese at the end of last year and was very pleased with the results. This is a pressed cheese and must age for three months. I decided to name this cheese "Kim goes to the Pyrenees" as it was my friend Kim's last night in town.
I have a separate fridge for my cheeses which has been empty lately. When I went to take my new wheel down into my cheese "cave" I found it was full of water. It is a mini fridge and has a stupid little ice box which melts and leaks. I had to buy equipment to override the fridge's thermostat to enable the temperature to get up to 55 degrees. Whit the fridge being 55 degrees, the ice box will never freeze up and I wish I could turn it off.
The goat milk became chevre but I tried to flavor the milk as it set. I filled a tea ball with herbs and added it to the milk with the starter culture. Then I left the chevre to set for twenty-four hours then drain for twenty-four hours. The result was a very herby tasting cheese without any chunks of herbs.

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