Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cheese Plate!

I love a nice crisp pan fried plantain with a bit of Maldon sea salt. If you have never tried Maldon, go out and find it and fall in love. It is flaky, organic and has been made the same way since 1882. I must admit that we have 4 or 5 kinds of salt on hand at any given time.
The farmers market on Saturday had a very specail treat to offer, fresh figs. My husband loves figs but will only enjoy them fresh and pure. We bought all the figs the vendor had left a half hour before the market closed. I kept some fresh but took some and pan fried them then wrapped them in Serrano, artisanal finocchiona, and peppered salami. I loved them,the combination of sweet and salt and rich melting fat.
The cheeses were my herby goat cheese made earlier this week, Garrotxa, and Quadrello Di Bufala. Garrotx is a Spanish goat cheese from Catalonia. This cheese is semi-firm and has a compact texture. The rind has a velvety grey mold that invites petting but not eating. This cheese is aged for four months and has a mild nutty flavor.
The cheese I am most excited to talk about is Quadrello Di Bufala. There doesn't seem to be much information available about this cheese which is made from the milk from Water Buffalos. This cheese is an Italian wash rind that is often compared to Tallegio. Quadrello is not as strong or pungent as Tallegio. TheQuadrello paste is soft and creamy and he rind was firm and crunchy which played nicely with the buttery paste. It had a nice minerality and salt with a savory flavor. Much more interesting than your typical Brie.

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