Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9/9/9 at 9

Today is 9/9/9 and I feel like I need to do a post. I would like to do a post everyday and I think about doing a post everyday. But, I don’t post everyday and I could list excuses as to why, but who wants to read that.

9 represents the beginning and the end of human experiences, 9 attracts money and fortune, 9 is possessive, depressed, impulsive, 9 is the number of originality. In Japan, the word for 9 is a homophone for the word of suffering and is the 2nd most unlucky number.

Today I was boiling my cheese making pot and dumped the water into my kitchen sink. In the sink was a glass which cracked but did not shatter. The bottom of the glass was clearly cracked into a peace sign. On an auspicious day like today that may signify that peace is on the way.

So how will I use this significant date? September means back to school for the young and old. I wish I was going back to school, new people, new information, new clothes. I got the latter but don’t have any place to show them off. I miss that feeling of waiting for the school bus always with a glimmer of hope that it wouldn’t arrive. The feeling that what you have due on Monday is the most important thing in the world.

There is something about September, possibility is in the air and the air is getting chilly. Fall is my favorite time of year but it’s not here yet. Labor Day marks the end of summer but the start of fall is a few weeks away. This morning, it was nice and cool enabling me to break in a new pair of sweatpants but by the evening, humidity set in and it was too hot for the sweatpants.

I have always been the type of person who does what they say they will. For me, saying I will do something gives me motivation to actually do it. I am an avid list maker and have been keeping a diary since 1991 when I was 11. So what is all this leading up to? It’s not New Years but I have some resolutions:

1) I will not buy myself any unnecessary items until vacation in March 2010.
2) I will not eat any wheat. This is something I have been doing on and off for months now but have not managed to go for longer than two weeks.
3) Greatly reduce my consumption of dairy and saturated fat. This is a lot to ask a cheesemaker but not being able to eat cheese will not stop me from making cheese.
4) I will wake up every morning, get out of bed, wash up, get dressed, and get out to walk the dogs within the first hour of waking.
5) Less T.V. and more reading.
6) Blog daily.

I am doing these things for health reasons, mental and physical. This is just the beginning, when New Years comes around I will be giving up many other things. This is all to prepare my body and mind to conceive and carry a child.

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