Sunday, September 20, 2009

Traffic Rant!!

Traffic in Northern Virginia is horrible. Traffic in Philly was bad but you always knew what you were getting into. In Northern Virginia, rush hour lasts from 6:30-9:30 am and 3-6 pm on 95, 495, and 395. Yet it seems like 95 is always a problem. I was stuck in traffic on 95 heading to Fredericksburg noon on a Friday. It took me 20 minuets to go 5 miles so I got off and took route 1 instead.

But the people driving in Northern Virginia make it even worse. I grew up with signs everywhere saying “Stay right, Pass Left”. This message has not gotten across this state. People will drive 5 miles under the speed limit in the left lane. They love the left lane but don’t know how to use it. Just because you are in the left lane does not mean you can dictate the speed limit. I can speed if I want to and I haven’t been caught speeding since I was 16.

Or two cars will drive for miles and miles next to each other. Or they will leave a million car lengths between in front of them and you will never be able to pass them. And they will stop at a light and leave multiple car lengths in front of them while you are trying to get over to turn right at the light. Or they take forever to move once the light turns green.

People here cannot drive in the rain or snow. When driving up a hill their speed will decrease by five miles. People here love to talk on their phone while driving. When our realtor took us out to see properties, he was texting and driving. Texting while driving is way too common here. And people just don’t know where they are going and they don’t pay attention to what is going on around them.

I get motion sickness easily which may contribute to my road rage. I get very stressed in traffic. But I love driving out to the farm early Saturday morning while there aren’t many people out on the roads. Yes I do think I am the best driver in the world, better than my husband and better than you. I would love to drive a race care around a track 50 times. I enjoy cranking up the music and driving. I like road trips but I don’t like getting sick or stressed in the car.

Maybe it is because I am a Northerner living in the south. I am used to the fast pace of Philly while here the Southerners like to take a slow ride. I hate that the actions of other trying to get from point a to point b can have such an effect on me. I will yell at other cars and honk. I try to not flip the bird as it did get me in trouble one. I wish I could change this part of my personality but hope it will get better with an eventual change in location. In the meantime, please Virginia, stay right pass left and get out of my way.

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