Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Uptown Sushi

At first glance, the menu was off putting as it contained fusion items for those afraid to eat raw fish. You could order a sushi burrito, chili cheese fries, lobster sliders, and cheese pizza for the kids. But we were not disappointed. We started off with the Gyoza dumplings and Zensai Trio, both were delicious. The trio was calamari, seaweed salad, and oshinko pickle, I could eat that every day. The calamari was tender and I love its texture combined with the seaweed.

I ordered Tangy Shrimp with coconut rice which was scrumptious. The coconut rice was incredible and its sweetness played nicely with the tangy shrimp. Patrick ordered a big bowl of raw fish served with sushi rice, called chirashi. It was like sashimi but build your own. It was lovely and served with a real shiso leaf. We also ordered some sushi rolls to share, I love eel delicious eel. Even though they have a huge menu, they can still make some wonderful sushi.

The dining room was empty, everyone else seemed to be there to watch the game. The service was decent and the food was worthy of the price tag. They also have an international noodle bar, they seem to be trying anything to drum up business. I plan to return for another food orgy and hope they are still in business.

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