Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love is in the cold crisp air.

*warning the last photo is of a graphic nature.

I went out to the farms this morning and saw a preview of goat breeding season. I saw a female goat munching hay that was on a fence and on the other side was a male goat. They were eating and flirting, sounds like a date but not like one I had ever been on. The female goat squatted and urinated in front of the male and he went a little wild. His tongue was going a little crazy darting around his mouth and his upper lip was curling up and out.

Kate explain to me that the male goat has scent glands under his lip and will expose these to sense if the female is ready to mate. Some goat breeding facts: Goats are polyestrous; they come into season multiple times during autumn. A female goat will bleat and wave her tail near a male when she is in heat. During this time milk production will slow. The gestation period is five months

Today the male, Victor, had his unit extended since we had walked down to the barn. He was visiting the farm for the sole purpose of breeding to avoid inbreeding. But Victor is a jerk and has been beating on a nice young Billy. When goats exhibit this type of behavior the weaker one is denied food and can potentially die.

As I have said before, male goats are only good for one thing. As of yet, there has not been any opportunities for the male to do their thing. I am excited to witness the gestation and birth of a goat. I hope to film some of the action. Keep posted if you want to watch live goat sex, but on second thought maybe I shouldn’t do that even for educational purposes.

Pictured is the male Magic, he has a nice mohawk but Victors was better but I did not have my camera today.


  1. that's, um, very pointy. i had to blow it up to find the explicitness. i'm kind of sorry i did, but also kind of glad.

  2. Its been a while since I've seen one of